As we slowly approach our one-year anniversary, we look back on the year we’ve had and how far Dario’s Ristorante Doncaster has come. To celebrate 1 year of Dario’s, we are proud to showcase our new culinary creativity with the launch of our New Menu. Dario’s Ristorante Doncaster welcomes the arrival of new chefs who have breathed new life into the restaurant, infusing our already great menu with more creativity while maintaining the rich traditions of Italian cuisine. 

Our new chefs are committed to sourcing the freshest seasonal and local suppliers, a reflection of their dedication to sustainability and supporting local businesses. This commitment not only enhances the quality of the dishes but also allows diners to experience the true essence of Italian cuisine in the heart of Doncaster.

The menu blends old favourites with exciting new dishes so if you are already a devoted fan of our Italian cuisine or a newcomer, our new menu awaits you. There are many dishes from classic Italian pastas to succulent meats prepared with a modern twist, so we asked our chefs for their signature dishes to help you decide what to try out on your first visit!

“I’d begin with a classic bruschetta. It may be simple but the reliance on fresh, high-quality ingredients makes it the perfect appetiser to compliment any main dish on the menu!”

“My favourite dish would be the lamb rump. My dedication to sourcing ingredients of the highest quality ensures that each bite is succulent and flavourful. This cut of meat is popular in Italian cuisine and we’re proud to now have this dish on the menu. Known for its tenderness and rich taste, lamb rump is often prepared in various ways to highlight its natural flavours. At Dario’s Ristorante, we sear the meat in garlic and rosemary, roast to medium rare then glaze the lamb in parsley butter. Who wouldn’t want to try this dish!?”

My signature dish from the new menu would be the beef ragu parpadelle. We slow cook the beef for 6 hours using the leanest cuts of beef shin and Italian imported red wine. It’s a traditional Italian dish which has been hugely admired by our customers already and is labelled one of the most heart-warming dishes on the menu. 

As well as new dishes to our menu, we are now offering a Sunday Lunch Menu; which has been a huge success!